Agricultural production is important for food security and economic development is well known.  Contrary to the “Green Revolution” in Asia and Latin in the 1960s to 1980s, many African countries had failed to transform farming methods and improve staple crops due to lack of financial and human resources to build infrastructure and acquire technology. To meet food security and economic development requirements in Africa, GHES proposes to develop comprehensive approaches and principles to assist both small scale and large scale agricultural farmers. GHES support farmers in accessing heartier seeds, sustainable practices, effective  farm management practices and tools, relevant knowledge, emerging digital technologies, that help them grow more with less land, water, fertilizer, and other inputs while preserving natural resources for future generations. Agricultural development services offered by GHES include: 

Agricultural development services offered by GHES include:
  • Desktop studies for agricultural development plan
    • Development of agricultural land use plans and assessments for suitability
    • Irrigation water management plans
    • Water and land conservation plans
    • Designing of small scale holder food processing systems
    • Assessment of soil and water quality suitability for irrigation

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