Water (land) contamination occur when a substance is present in water at a concentration above either the concentration limit fixed by a regulator, or the baseline (prior to a specific activity), and such a substance presents a potential risk of harm to human health or any other aspect of the environment. Most often, such substance are usually introduced into the environment by community, agricultural, and industrial activities.

GHES through scientific knowledge and professionalism can demonstrate cost effective, practical, and efficient remedial solutions to your contamination problems, using innovative and sustainable assessment, and management tools. Through our experience over many years, GHES's experts understand your needs remediation and offers related service such as:

Desktop studies for contaminated site assessment
• Contaminated land assessment and advise on site best management practices
• Soil gas vapor surveys (Active, and passive)
• Soil sampling

  1. Shallow manual (auger) soil sampling
  2. Hydraulic auger soil sampling (up to 10m);
• Water contamination investigation;
• Water contamination sources characterization;
• Water contamination plume delineation;
• Risk assessment and management;
• Remediation action plan development and implementation.


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