One of the key areas needing focus to meet Africa's water needs in water is the development and rehabilitation of water infrastructures. To face water demands either for agricultural development, growing community supply, and industry (including mines), one would have to adhere to and follow a combination of innovative infrastructure design, construction technic, and operational approach. 

GHES team of scientist and engineer ensures to adapt/develop efficient, cost effective, and sustainable technical and technological solutions, through the following services:

• Domestic and irrigation water supply systems
1. Centre Pivot
2. Linear – Move Systems
3. Micro-Irrigation
4. Drip and Furrow
• Water conveyance network systems
1. Rural water supply network
2. Urban water supply network
3. Storm water drainage
4. Sewage water drainage
• Water storage facility
1. Water tower
2. Water dam
• Water treatment plan
• Tailings and rock dumps drainage

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